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“Ms. Jordheim’s book is timely, emotional and grounded in research and personal experience. Through her words, the public sees how the pimps spot and then prey on our vulnerable children. But she doesn’t leave us there, she draws attention to the preventive and restorative services that are necessary for children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation.”

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse | International End Demand Advisory Board,

Winner of U.S. State Department Abolitionist Award and leader of

Concerned Women for America’s anti-trafficking work.

“Made in the USA is one of the greatest resources I have encountered in beginning to understand the complexities of human trafficking. I highly recommend it to any one interested in gaining perspective and knowledge, and especially to those who want to learn ways everyday people can fight the fight to end commercial sexual exploitation of children.”

Austen Williams | Mrs. America 2014

“Child sex trafficking is one of the most horrific crimes against children facing our nation today. Raising awareness breaks the silence and gives a voice to those who have survived. By listening to the stories of survivors we able to understand how to take action against this injustice.”

Melissa Snow | Child Sex Trafficking Program Specialist, National Center for

Missing & Exploited Children

A compilation of five true stories of adults who were trafficked as children. The purpose of the book is to provide insights on how American children are taken captive and often coerced to remain in a lifestyle of commercial sexual exploitation.


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  • Child sex trafficking

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Alisa Jordheim


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Alisa’s passionate about the nations, diverse cultures and crazy foods. She worked in the airline industry for 16 years and loved every minute of it! She is a “starter” and her greatest joy is to create, especially social businesses that empower others to flourish.

Melissa Herrmann


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Melissa is passionate about social justice issues and has spent the last 16 years working all over the world with orphans, child soldiers, and victims of sex trafficking.  She loves laughing, spending time with friends, and traveling.  She is the founder of Maliza Consulting, and enjoys helping others design and launch programs for social justice issues.

Anthany Arosarena


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Anthany is a former model, restauranteur and has a heart for the nations. She recently served as home mom for young girls in Cambodia.  She was the collaborative director for an anti-trafficking phone application “I Have a Name."

Errol Jordheim

Information Technology

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Errol is an avid runner, hiker and biker with a passion for both physics and math. You could call him a brainy outdoor enthusiast.






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